Just Thinking – Book


Jim Moeller, Serenity founder, continues to write each day.  His newest book, Just Thinking – Thoughts on Spirituality, Loss, Love & One Day at a Time draws on these daily reflections.

These short thoughts will inspire and certainly cause the reader to look at life differently.

“In reading Jim’s thoughts and realizations, I find that not only can I be inspired, but my own intuitive process is beautifully stimulated…..For me, one of the most important aspects of this book is a gentle, loving encouragement to rise up and keep pushing forward in moments when I might feel weak or defeated…. As you read through this collection of thoughts, you’ll no doubt notice that Jim muses on a variety of subjects – the 12 Steps, loss, human interaction, love, faith, a Higher Power. His words also encourage flexibility in life, and clearly show us the futility of worry.”