Heart Meditations



Your spiritual heart is never used as it could be.  The human body-mind system offers enormous potential. It allows you to receive love, and share love with others. It bridges between your conscious mind and your higher self. One can learn to access the spiritual support and guidance by focusing in your own spiritual heart, and opening to receive.

This three guided meditations help one connect with your own spiritual heart, and begin to do deep inner work there. Each begin identically, to help you to relax and gently center in your heart. Then, each meditation focuses on a different aspect of being in your heart-space.

This program includes instructions and guidance for a daily meditation practice that you do practice on your own, to expand and deepen your awareness of your spiritual heart over time. Detailed instructions on how to do the meditation are provided, and then the final track guides you into the practice itself, beginning with narration, and continuing on with gentle background music for your meditation session.