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  • 12-Step Guided Meditations

    Optimize your recovery in any 12-Step program! Each guided meditation helps you stay focused on your current step, uncover the truth, and release negativity. Profoundly relaxing and deeply supportive, 12-Step Guided Meditations reinforces the positive side of your character, and … Read More
  • Car Peace

    Few things are more difficult than a repetitive drive day after day. Car Peace helps turn off the negativity and noise, while softening your inner climate, and smoothing out the journey for a peaceful, comfortable ride. Driving could provide the … Read More
  • Clearing Cancer

    The mind-body component is a crucial part of the path to recovery in serious illness, and guided imagery has been used as part of cancer treatment for decades. This program utilizes guided imagery to focus on three different aspects of … Read More
  • Daydreams

    Daydreams brings the relaxing selections of Max Highstein’s other albums. The overall effect brings the listener the soothing feelings of a daydream.
  • Deep Support for Bodyworkers

    This album includes three guided mediations to help you feel better, do better, and succeed further in your career. For Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Rolfers, energy workers, and anyone who uses their hands to help others heal. 1) Introduction 2) Recovering … Read More
  • Gateway to Peace

    Meditation #1 Journey to an enchanted meadow, and sit beside a quiet brook. Connect within, release your cares and burdens, and enjoy inner peace. This soothing program includes a full body relaxation, and an opportunity to receive a special message. … Read More
  • Gentle Music for Massage, Vol. 1

    An hour of music composed for massage, healing, and quiet reflection. Flutes, oboe, strings, and keyboards carry the listener. Total Length: 60 min..
  • Gentle Music for Massage, Vol. 2

    Our series continues with another soothing hour of Highstein’s music, lovingly composed for massage, healing, and quiet reflection. Whether visiting your body worker, or between visits, Max’s music is here to help you shed the stress of everyday life. Its … Read More
  • Gentle Music for Massage, Vol. 3

    On Gentle Music for Massage Volume Three, Highstein shares his healing touch through twelve solo piano pieces. Combined with delicate synthesizer voices and the sound of a high mountain stream, these gentle melodies will touch the heart, and soothe the … Read More
  • Healing Journey

    Piano, flutes, and instruments of all types brought together to play four healing music movements. The music, composed by Max Highstein, is performed with a sense of tenderness and love. Length: 60 minutes
  • Healing Light

    A beam of pale golden light is streaming down from the heavens, with gifts of love and healing for you. In another meditation, experience love as it fills you and expands, flowing out to others… to the entire world!  Then … Read More
  • Heart Meditations

    Your spiritual heart is never used as it could be.  The human body-mind system offers enormous potential. It allows you to receive love, and share love with others. It bridges between your conscious mind and your higher self. One can … Read More