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  • Beauty of Love

    Much in the same vein as Shardad’s successful album Dream Images, Beauty of Love is a passionate album of heartfelt melodies which radiates both warmth and charm. Shardad blends the elegance of the acoustic piano with a tapestry of rich … Read More
  • Daydreams

    Daydreams brings the relaxing selections of Max Highstein’s other albums. The overall effect brings the listener the soothing feelings of a daydream.
  • Deep Support for Bodyworkers

    This album includes three guided mediations to help you feel better, do better, and succeed further in your career. For Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Rolfers, energy workers, and anyone who uses their hands to help others heal. 1) Introduction 2) Recovering … Read More
  • Dream Images

    Shardad is able to show his strong classical skills along with an unmatched beauty and grace. As a composer and performer, Shardad makes use of piano, cello, and synthesizer to evoke a quieting of the mind and an exaltation of … Read More
  • First Light

    by Pat Clemence and Produced by Rob Whitesides-Woo “First Light” combines the strengths of two unique and powerful artists – Pat Clemence and Rob Whitesides-Woo. Patrick wrote and performed this collection of beautiful musical landscapes, while Rob worked on the … Read More
  • Follow Your Heart

    Follow Your Heart is Kokhe’s first album for Serenity. Here, he offers a rainbow of melodies, ranging from ambient to heartfelt songs of love and passion. Throughout there is a spirituality present that is core to the healing power of … Read More
  • From Heart to Crown

    From Heart to Crown celebrates the love, courage, and joy that we are all capable of in the dance of life. Rob’s vision of rare beauty and depth is expressed here through bowed strings, flutes, harps and a myriad of … Read More
  • Gentle Blessings

    “Gentle Blessings” has a little something more! Acoustic piano and soft electronic textures blend to create an atmosphere of spiritually refreshing tranquility. Over one hour of deeply healing and uplifting music, perfect for massage or quiet reflection. Total Length: 61 … Read More
  • Gentle Music for Massage, Vol. 1

    An hour of music composed for massage, healing, and quiet reflection. Flutes, oboe, strings, and keyboards carry the listener. Total Length: 60 min..
  • Gentle Music for Massage, Vol. 2

    Our series continues with another soothing hour of Highstein’s music, lovingly composed for massage, healing, and quiet reflection. Whether visiting your body worker, or between visits, Max’s music is here to help you shed the stress of everyday life. Its … Read More
  • Gentle Music for Massage, Vol. 3

    On Gentle Music for Massage Volume Three, Highstein shares his healing touch through twelve solo piano pieces. Combined with delicate synthesizer voices and the sound of a high mountain stream, these gentle melodies will touch the heart, and soothe the … Read More