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  • Visiting Angels

    Imagine you’re walking up a wide flight of stairs, toward a higher level of awareness…… – from the Journey. They are all around us! Angels are here to assist human beings in every walk of life, from birth, to death, … Read More
  • Visiting Archangel Michael

    Experience the presence of Archangel Michael through this dynamic inner journey, with heartfelt narration and inspired background music. Travel to Michael’s heavenly realm, and the receive the spiritual gifts and blessings he brings, as you allow Saint Michael the Archangel … Read More
  • Visiting Mother Mary

    Rose petals floating down from heaven herald your face to face visit with Mother Mary. Sit with her and receive her unconditional love and comfort, in this tender guided experience with gentle narration and beautiful soft background music. Ask Mother … Read More
  • Visiting Saint Francis

    Experience the presence of Saint Francis through this guided imagery journey, with gentle narration and beautiful soft background music. Walk with St. Francis in nature, pray with him by a mountain stream, and receive his blessing and love.
  • Weight Loss – Transform from Within

    The many small choices we make every day determine our future. This program is about helping you connect inside to the place where good decisions and positive choices are made. Because we’re separated from consequences by time , it’s easy … Read More
  • Welcome to Earthaven

    A tapestry of adult contemporary, traditional, classical, and world music. Evocative layers of sound fascinate and transport the mind, while rhythmic and spacious tones bestow a deep peacefulness throughout the body. Harp, flute, and Native American sounds are embraced by … Read More
  • What Men Live By

    One winter evening a shoemaker finds a mysterious stranger naked and freezing by a shrine in his small village.  The shoemaker rescues the man, and takes him home.  Thought the stranger won’t say where he came from, the shoemaker invites … Read More
  • Sale!

    When It’s Time for Letting Go, Vol. 1

    No album has ever created more letters than “When Its Time For Letting Go.” The music encompasses many Serenity titles and was chosen by a good friend of several of our artists during his last year of his life. Having … Read More
  • When It’s Time for Letting Go, Vol. 2

    The long-awaited seqel to Serenity’s most successful album ever When Its Time For Letting Go, Volume 2 is a deeply moving album that will help you find spiritual strength as you face life’s challenges on a daily basis. The music, … Read More
  • Winds of Change

    Continuing the romantic style presented in his first album, “Passages”, “Winds of Change” blends traditional orchestral elements with piano, borrowing from both European and American heritages. While the textures on this album are specifically designed to relax and heal, the … Read More
  • With an Open Heart

    Solo piano speaks with tenderness, passion, and simple sincerity. Her music goes straight to the heart. The listener is moved to deep reflection and lifted into delicious tranquility.