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  • Serenity Through Yoga, Vol. 1

    Serenity Through Yoga, Vol. 1 is a compilation album that brings together the music of Rob Whitesides-Woo, Kokhe, and Shardad Rohani in a joyous union of body, mind, and spirit. Total Length: 61 min.
  • Serenity Through Yoga, Vol. 2

    Serenity Through Yoga, Vol. 2 is a compilation album that brings together Pat Clemence, Shardad Rohani, Nicolas Jeandot, and Rob Whitesides-Woo in a joyous union of body, mind, and spirit. Total Length: 58 min.
  • Sleep Well Tonight

    Enjoy a good night’s sleep with this gentle inner journey. Take an evening walk along the beach to your secluded seaside cottage. Secure in your bed on the screened-in porch, enjoy a full body relaxation, and then let the waves lull … Read More
  • Small Sky, Breath Music

    Small Sky, Breathmusic is designed to enhance the natural breathing process and to facilitate conscious awareness of the breath. This music stimulates the natural flow of energy in the body, through the cultivation of a more expansive breath awareness. Perfect … Read More
  • Sojourn

    Blending grand piano with the colors of ancient and modern instruments, composer/keyboardist Scott Fitzgerald and Rob Whitesides-Woo have teamed together to create a joyous and moving album with truly universal appeal. Total Length: 40 min.
  • The Healing Forest

    Experience this peaceful inner journey from leading guided imagery author, Max Highstein. Travel on the back of a gentle old horse, through The Healing Forest. After a complete body relaxation, take in the healing energies of the forest, Heaven,and Earth. … Read More
  • The Healing Waterfall II

    Picking up where the Healing Waterfall leaves off, The Healing Waterfall II takes you to a tropical paradise, and includes deep relaxation, healing, and forgiveness. Jill Andre narrates, Max Highstein makes the music. This is what guided meditation is all … Read More
  • The Healing Well

    Travel to a magical garden filled with golden light, and drink from The Healing Well. Reconnect within and recharge with Max Highstein’s beautiful soft music and gentle narration. Deeply relaxing! From the Journey: …There is a cup just by your … Read More
  • The Promise

    “The Promise” is acoustic and electronic chamber music that speaks to the heart — a rich tapestry of luxuriously textured sound to soothe and uplift mind and spirit. Total Length: 62 min.
  • Touch of Serenity

    Mystical in its style, Shardad has created an album of softness, with gentle, long melodic tracks. Accented with sounds of nature, this is an album of pure relaxation. Total Length: 57 min.
  • Traveler

    Rob walked nearly 3000 miles in the wilderness of the Southwest finding his visions for Traveler. This newest release is a mystical journey of the soul, creating peace, and reawakening the love of life. Rob’s fifth solo instrumental album shimmers … Read More