Guided Imagery

What is guided imagery, guided meditation, or guided relaxation?

Since ancient times, storytellers have used words to paint vivid pictures in the minds of their listeners. Guided Imagery (link) (also called guided meditation) is the process of using words (narration) and often music, to take the listener on an inner journey, for a particular purpose.

Top athletes use guided imagery (link) to train the mind to win. And doctors have begun using guided imagery to train the body to heal itself, curing disease by stimulating the immune system.

Many responses in the body do not distinguish between having a physical experience, and imagining having that experience. For example, getting caught up in a scary movie can stimulate an adrenaline ("flight or fight") response, the same as actually being in a life threatening situation.

Guided imagery, combined with soothing music, can be bring about the state of mind and body most conducive to healing -- deep relaxation, and positive focus. Guided imagery can also be used to release tension, anxiety, past hurts, and a variety of negative emotional states. And, it feels good!

How Can I Try Guided Imagery?

You could trade guided imagery sessions with someone you trust. Write down a description of an ideal, relaxing scene - a place where you'd feel totally happy and at peace. Include images of yourself becoming healthier, stronger, and more successful. Put on some quiet music, close your eyes, relax, and have your friend read the script to you, as you settle in and listen. Let it unfold.

There are many fine guided imagery recordings on the market that can assist you. And The Healing Waterfall is one of the very best. It's a very gentle, soothing journey, and one that most people respond to very readily.

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Who Should Not Use Guided Imagery?

People with serious mental health problems should avoid using guided imagery except under the supervision of a therapist. If you are severely depressed, "hear voices", are in deep mental anguish or fear, please get professional help. There really are doctors and counselors out there who can help you feel better. Also, don't use guided imagery while driving a car.

Where can I find guided imagery recordings?

You've come to the right place! We've got some great ones you can purchase right here. For example, The Healing Waterfall is one of the most popular guided imagery recordings in the world. Visit our guided imagery section (link) to explore some excellent guided imagery or guided meditation recordings for deep relaxation and self-healing. Listen to samples of each, and then get the CDs to enjoy the complete programs again and again.


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