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Album Review: "Wow! What a pleasant surprise to find a ‘new’ side of someone’s music I thought I knew. Flight Plans is wonderful – Max Highstein should be justly proud. Instantly enticing, from the bouncy ‘Living In A Box’ through to the silly ‘Spam Song’. Good doses of humor and personal depth – all in a melodic and charming package... As for sound, it is extremely well recorded." -- Frosty Horton, Mediameld

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Flight Plans: Songs To Help Find Your Wings, is the first vocal album from Max Highstein. His singing voice is warm, soulfull and intimate -- a perfect match for his insightful, catchy lyrics. These are songs that make you feel good about yourself, and give you a bit of a boost for your next step on life's path. The instrumentation is beautifully interwoven with the melodies, much like the best of Max's instrumental material. Piano, cello, soprano sax, accordion, fretless bass, acoustic guitars, organ, strings, percussion and background vocals all gracefully harmonize to help tell the story. Every song is full of life, humor and insight.


*Piano, vocals, fretless bass, percussion, background vocals, plus...

  • Living In A Box: *cello, guitar, accordion. A humorous look at dealing with the challenges we all face, and remembering to look up for inspiration.
  • When You're Older: *Spanish guitar, accordion. A tender story of a father-son relationship, and what it means to grow up with a parent's love and support.
  • Anniversary Dance: *Spanish guitar, sax, marimba, accordion, choir. With A joyous instrumental, with an exhuberant choral refrain -- Light Up My Heart... Light Up Your Life!
  • Nature: *cello, soprano sax, accordion. A sweet and jazzy point of view from the ground up, with some lovely music interplay between soprano sax, cello, accordion and piano.
  • Love Pour Down: *cello, acoustic guitar, Hammond organ. A deep spiritual love song, with rich piano and cello work.
  • Peel Me Off The Ceiling: *guitar, Hammond organ. An exhuberant declaration of joy at being in the presence of Love.
  • Koh-E-Nor (Mountain Of Light): *live string section, choir, Spanish guitar, Hammond organ A story of being on the spritual path in ballad form, with a rousing gospel-influenced ending. Koh-E-Nor is the name of a famous diamond, and translates from the Persion to "Mountain Of Light"
  • The Duck: *cello, organ. Something jazzy and fun, with exceptional cello playing by Ed Willett.
  • Flight Plans: *cello, acoustic guitar, Hammond organ. A bittersweet song about carrying forward the things we inherit from our parents, for better or worse, and ultimately lifting higher as a result. With rich piano, cello, and organ arrangments.
  • To Ride A Red Horse: *Spanish guitar, accordion, vocal feature, electric piano. An instrumental piece with piano, Spanish guitar, accordion, percussion, and backround voices.
  • Roll Me To Sleep: *cello, soprano sax. A sweet lullabye in waltz time, with piano, soprano sax, cello, background vocals, fretless bass and persussion.
  • I Can Hear Your Love: *organ, flute, tenor sax. Spiritual groove piece with lots of mystery and soulful tenor sax. It's like a haunting, distant echo of the #5 song, Love Pour Down.
  • Sheep Of Love (The Spam Song): *spoken word, horn section. Some of the most ridiculous spam email titles of the last few years were woven together into an unlikely story of love. With the beautiful and mysterious Nataliya, the Russian would-be bride, and the Sheep Of Love Singers. Very, very silly fun!

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  • All music and lyrics by Max Highstein
  • Max Highstein - Vocals, pianos, fretless electric bass, miscellaneous keyboards and hand percussion, arranging, recording, mixing and production
  • Ed Willett - Cello; string arranging and conducting on Koh-E-Nor; acoustic guitar on Koh-E-Nor
  • Mark Clarke - Drums, congas, bongos, udu, more cowbell on Sheep Of Love
  • Daniel Ward - Electric guitar, acoustic steel string and Spanish guitars
  • Bob Miner - Soprano sax on Nature and Roll Me To Sleep; tenor sax on I Can Hear Your Love
  • Susan Clark - Background vocals
  • Sara K - Background vocals
  • Ursula Drabik - Background - Background vocals on Koh-E-Nor; Natalia talk-making on Sheep of Love

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