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Christmas Promotion!
Until January 15
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$5 CDs:
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Currently Serenity is promoting several CDs. Each of them are $5 each!

Stars by Max Highstein. A little bit soft. A little bit upbeat. Great melodies. Perfect album to put on and just keep right on working.

Some years ago we did two albums with the group L'ESprit. Language of Touch and Far Journey were both soft, relaxing, yet unique.

Last year they had an opportunity to sign with a major label that would give them worldwide distribution. I could have said "no," but I felt the chance they were being given was a great opportunity.

They have now left the label, but I have stock of both their titles. So, until the stock of both titles is gone, I am selling the two titles at $5 for each CD.

Album 1 Language of Touch
Album 2 Far Journey

Language of Touch features soothing melodies written for acoustic and electric guitars, wind instruments, strings, keyboards, and enhanced by a touch of nature.

Far Journey was a great follow-up album. It stirs the soul and warms the heart. Over fifty minutes of instrumental music using guitar, winds, strings, horns, and keyboards designed for relaxing and easing the mind.

Album 3 Radio Heartbeat
Some years ago we were approached by a Canadian company to partner with an idea. They wanted to blend heartfelt interviews with our music.

This project became known as Radio Heartbeat. Now the award-winning, syndicated radio show is available on a special edition CD. 24 powerful vignettes in which real people express their innermost thoughts, feelings and memories, in their own voice and words. They are not actors; there are no scripts. Each vignette was compiled from the most truthful moments of in-depth interviews. Each Radio Heartbeat track features the best of the Serenity catalog of healing music. $5 each. Total Length: 50 min.....

Album 4 One World
Album 5 Oceanus

Serenity has always been a company of involvement for a win-win situation. So when Kiwanis and an Ocean preservation nonprofit came to Serenity for help, we stepped in to help them both. Serenity provided the music for two albums, at no cost, that were sold to raise money for both organization.

The promotions are now done and they have given back to us the unsold albums. By contract we can sell the remaining stock, but cannot remanufacture.

Both albums, beautiful in their design and content, had a major
impact on the listener. $5 each. Total Length: 60 min. each.

To listen to all four albums, click on the "Play/Purchase The CDs" link below.

Price: Language of Touch, Far Journey, One World, Oceanus, and Radio Heartbeat are $5 each.
Freight: Free freight for US. For international orders we charge what we are charged.
Additional Discount: For retail customers, if your total order is $50 or more we will manually subtract 10% before we process the order.

To play parts of or Purchase.
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