If you have a Website page please read further.

Serenity has incorporated a professional affiliate program into its site.  It allows you, if you have a webpage, to sell Serenity music as if you have a store, without the headaches of overhead and inventory.  IN ADDITION, if you add Serenity as an affiliate, you'll be given a CD of your choice as a thank-you!

How does it work?

  • You just sign up with Serenity to become an affiliate.  The link is below.
  • It is simple and it is free!
  • You will then be emailed some info so you can paste a link on your webpage.
  • People visiting your site will see our link.  If they click on it they will be transported to our site.  Because they are your customers, your affiliate information travels with them.
  • If they buy any products at our site, you will receive a commission.
  • Currently, you will receive 40% of the whatever they spend.
  • Each month Serenity will send you a check for the commissions due you.

To sign up for the Affiliate Program

Facebook Ideas

If you have a Webpage and are also a member of Facebook, we have another idea to build your affiliate income. 

Create a post on your Facebook wall for your friends and fans.  Tell them you have found some music you wanted to share with them.  Give them the link "to YOUR webpage" where the Serenity affiliate link is posted.  Then, when they click on the Serenity affiliate link, they will be transported to Serenity.  Again, any purchase they make while there will give you a 40% commission.

To sign up for the Affiliate Program

If you have any questions, please call me at (800)869-1684 or email me at


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